Feb 012013

IBM stepped forward recently to state the blatant obvious.  As a vendor with clear bias towards the message, we’re not convinced this message leaves the business community any better off.

“Big data will spell the death of customer segmentation and force the marketer to understand each customer as an individual within 18 months or risk being left in the dust, according to IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty”

Data is important, as is aligning to buyer cycles and customer needs but is this statement that compelling, to infer we are ready to move on from segmentation within a few years?  Perhaps the shift is from the word… not the intent. Business can and should rely on data, but make it meaningful and part of the overall revenue performance picture.  That shift may be the adoption of buyer “behaviour over attitude”, if nothing but a start. Measuring performance and basing a business plan around what customers “do” versus what they “say they’ll do”, are polar extremes when making decisions based on fact, not fiction.

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